Indefinite Search For Perfection


Perfection. Is there a point where I can say I have found it. With each passing day the needs of a person keep growing. It is an infinite circle of life that goes from point A to Point B all the way till point Z. The search then re-defines itself again. From the smallest point of “Yes, I need the perfect white shirt for some event”. And it starts there, goes on for one to ten shirts post that. The need for finding your needs to match what makes perfection is an indefinite search.

There are moments in your life where you feel you enter into this entangling web drilling down getting caught in the wants of life to the needs. Being a perfectionist you try to search more and more to be a better version of yourself. It is the most amazing concept to compete with yourself. Not comparing yourself to the world avoiding the disappointment. But genuinely you keep doing that. Not be in awe with something you see, someone you look up to and there begins the cycle again. This indefinite search for perfection never ends.

Someone once told me Life Happens!! Yes there are a million things I want and yes I will work hard to get it all. Yes life could have been amazing but I am grateful to the beautiful experiences I have had. I have evolved as a person. Print the most gorgeous picture you could paint from your life. Don’t take extracts of others paintings. Be your own Picasso.

More than an impression from the world take inspirations from your passions, find what your good at find what makes you tick as a person and do it. Don’t let anyone put you down and let the fear strip you off your courage. It is those who cant do talk. Life puts you down life makes you unmotivated at times. Take a moment to breath. Get back to your strong position. Its okay to be sensitive and feel. But it is important to roar back.  Its time to start believing in spite of the memories that sweep your veins. Its time to believe that a new dawn will come and it will be for you. Do it the way you feel about it and it will come to you. Hope each one of you reading this have all the luck and love you deserve and more. Keep hanging and amazing things will happen to you!!!

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