Taking my life back

Each one of us in our daily life is chasing our goal. I want to be the a Product Owner..someday I want to be Director..I want to be a famous blogger..a lifestyle expert..so forth. My endless list of dreams and me running behind them. Each one of us see things think of the traditional way of life. See things want something else and run along. We think we are these free spirited souls but are always pulled down by responsibilities.

Some day I want to stop this. One sunset changed my life. Staring at the sea, I realized that everything I was running behind passed in front of me like an array of snapshots. I moved sevens seas far way to get away from the world to fall back into the same pit and drag myself through this mud. I wish I could take the last 10 months of my life back or rewind it. It had someone, who questioned my whole existence and thought process to life. I can never believe I could let any one affect my life and put me through things I never could think I had the depths to fathom. Some one I know could never understand that.

I hear a thousand things about me from the world

and it makes no difference to me

And yet one from you has the power to crumble my world.

Each one of you will live a moment like this and it is for you to take you life back. Instead of living some one else dream or cause its the way to life is not what we should stand for. Get your wings and learn to take that leap of faith and fly high. I am not telling you loose sight of reality..I am telling you to find that wave of the ocean that is meant for you to surf on. I want you to discover that inner poet or musician in you that you always dreamed of being. Do it cause it makes you happy, make you feel alive. Takes you a step closer to being your own strength, your own philosopher, friend and guide. Its time to take back you life.

I had what I had and I was content

I was where I was and I was happy

But you made me lose what I am and I was broke

Now I am back to take whats mine and I will have respect.


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