Power to her…

She never realized where time flew by,
With the faint memory of what happiness looked like,
When she continued to explore what life was.
With endless tears running down her cheek,
There was nothing worth left to say
Just a feeling of pain tearing through her heart
So she let it go,

More than enough had been done, more than enough had been spoken,
She struggled to see that strong woman tremble under the clenches of pure pain,
Self inflected hurt cause love just wasn’t enough
All the efforts and sacrifices were now in vain
So she let it go,

She witnessed her fight time and again, become this person she could not recognize
Help but see her fall deep within his vicious circle,
And then she heard the universe say: You need to let it go….
She witnessed a sudden calmness in her eyes, as she saw it slip away from her hands
Transported to a better place where she’d wait as she had promised
To gain her inner strength back and see sky as her limit….
So she let it go…

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