Does not define me…

Dont look down and walk
Cause he searches for vanity putting you down
Don’t shorten your spine
Cause someone else’s words aimed to drill holes  into yours
It was a mere reflection of their thoughts
“You are self obsessed,
You live in fairy tales
You don’t deserve anything”

What did you fantasize about?

You gave it all..tried and re-tried
Consoling your heart
Things will change one day..Someday
And overtime he hurt you or you hurt him back..
What came out of it..a mere damaged soul!!!

Walk away from this feeling damning your life….
This isn’t the life you chose
This isn’t the love that you know
You have much to offer
True love might just be around the corner
I am not saying of a romantic illusion
But a comfort and nurturing feeling
Where you grow old together.

Don’t try to mend another broken man
He might be broken to you not to another
Learn to accept it meant nothing..You meant nothing to him!!!!
But someday you might mean the world to another.

Learn when to put a stop
Learn to respect yourself if not the sacrifices that make you what you are
Every time you think of trying..
“Just one more time”


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