In Today

Today Marks an Important day in my life
Today I took my final step
A step against my fears
I let go of all things that pull me down

I have lived through this mirage
A person so dependable you let your world revolve around them
An illusion shattered at its first touch
Into pieces bleeding my soul

It hurts?
To sit alone in the alleys of darkness
Have a blanket of arctic cold wrapped around me
Feel the chill tearing down my spine
Hiding the silent cries behind closed doors
Gloom creating these walls closing in
Sucking the air out of it suck…

I am in between two world.
Making my journey from the one that made me weak
To the world where I am a fire-breathing dragon
Unafraid of the bird eye’s view
Remind myself that I have the right to breathe too
Let my sorrows spill and pour out
Hold no baggage of my past memories.. of past life
Just today in its most beautiful self…..


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