A myth , A saga, A complex thought process in my brain
Anything but individuality, anything but aloneness
A tight grip over reality
A slippery slope over which we pull and it pushes

“I” has ipseity problems
“I” has inaccuracy
“I” is a mere illusion we base our world around
“I” is me hiding amidst the crowd under an invisible cloak
Masking my thoughts and resilience
“I” is their unruly intervention

“I” is an ability of my substance to spring back with elasticity
“I” is the limiteless sky of imagination
“I” is to be inspried and inspire those around me for possibilities
“I” is my infallible strength to fight failures
“I” is my insight with each experience in my life
“I” is my ikigai with iridescence

“I” is not merely Identity
It is my belief with which I look at the sky with confidence, one day I would end up with wings for the flight of life….


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