Love..You might be far yet seem close

She asked me today
You left the one in your life cause there as no love
then what is love to you…
How and when do you know that there is enough to last a lifetime

Love is not love by the marriage of the best compatible minds
It ain’t the sense of comfort and dependence on others shoulder
A help for today and convenience for another
It is not revamp and redo when parts don’t fit…
It is the firm belief to stand by someone when you make amends
Not to them but to you willingly to stand through the storm with them
It is when the light burning deep within your heart
That pains when the other is hurt by you or by the other
It is the strength you have to fight through the unjust to gleam it more
Roots of which don’t move cause a typhoon rocked your peaceful beach

Love is not your supremacy, for your ivy league qualification or the money you earned
It ain’t that comparison of how you put down the other for her cheeks ain’t as rosy as others or her body is not of the Venus and young
Love alters not by what lies to the brim but what lies within
It stands tall to all those who accuse you and not be the accuser
It is laying your life for the one giving them your last breathe
If este fals……
The motiv pentru lumea se învârte este o iluzie (Roman: the reason the world spins around is an illusion)

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