How and Who..

Sometimes you decide to hide your feelings
From you or world does not factor
Burying them deep in the alleys of your mind
And forget they exist

It makes you suffocate showing them out there
Like you are trapped in vacuum with no air
You feel your fist clinch each time
Digging deep holes
Into the lines of oblivion called destiny
Trying to find an easy way out of those tangled streets

But one day they surface
And show down to the world
With drops near your moist eyes
Not cause they are of sadness or regret
But that feeling of suddenly being rattled
Thinking you were okay so far
But now you feel numb…

TRUTH is out there
Not just in your mind but out in the open
It does not change itself
A word on stone…an unfadable past
You feel like it is drowning you
But it is keeping you afloat
Into the sea where you find your true potential
Optimus Prime or Megatron
It is who you choose to be and how you fight…

Choose Wisely!!!!!!!!!!!

-Intrepid House

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