Things I’ve Learnt From My Father On Being A Better Person

Like every father I dont share the most verbose relationship with him. He is standoffish..yet supportive, aloof yet loving. Like most fathers in this world I believe it is the most difficult to say the words and express his emotions.  But there is one thing No man can ever match up to my Superhero!!!!

I have been loved by him for an eternity but in the most difficult time of my life he said some things which changed my life. And I want to share this out to the world and hope it changes your’s too.

  1. Uphold your integrity. You can loose it all but have one.
  2. Family is your biggest strength. We will always be for you to fall back on.
  3. Collect beautiful moments in your life. It is these that make life worth living.
  4. The world keeps changing its opinions.  You need to be firm on your beliefs.
  5. Life will always throw you curve balls. Learn to stand up even if you fall.
  6. Be a dragon in the morning to life. But be a serene river when you unwind.
  7. Love is not what makes you lonely and uproots your life. It will support you in any situation.
  8. First opinions are not last. Redeem yourself.
  9. Learn from your mistakes and challenge yourself each day.
  10. Don’t let anyone’s mistakes erase all the good you have done.
  11. Keep trying. Fate looks kindly upon those who persist.
  12. Be kind to yourself…



Thanks for reading. Please leave your love and feedback in the comments and follow my blog.


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