Life and making it your art

I wrote a very interesteing micro poem today based on the a piece of thought going on in my mind:

Loss is always huge..

We know the world is mortal
Every relationship and life come with a timing on it
Yet we mourn our losses to the end of the world
We fixate our tumultuous past reliving it time and time again
Why do we go through this obscurity

All that comes to my mind is


But to what extend and at what cost….

Saying I am going to let it  go is the same as holding on. If it is a person you are holding on to, a situation you went through in life, the loss of a person you hold so dear to you or the loss of a relationship. When you keep justifying yourself and your actions you are clearly replaying the situation again in your mind rather than letting  go. Holding on to these emotions takes away all you energy and the self worth on how you have failed yourself through a failed situation. Its time to accept.  I am a firm believer in put it out into the world and see where your life takes you.

This also extends to holding onto ideas. I will be richer, happier, more successful is mere anxiety to what lies in the future and the misery of the past. Holding on is finding the power it takes to find peace and joy in the things that you can.  Letting go in a state of appreciation for the heavy and accept the light and your part in choosing to stay focused on it.

These are 2 of my favorite quotes:


Remember when it comes to relationships better to be one’s shot of whiskey than every one’s cup of coffee


Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.


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