Life is an ART

When I was younger I always felt that I had my life pretty laid out in front of me just like every other kid. Finish my education till I am till 24. Succeed in a job. Get married at 26. Have kids by 28. Naive as it may sound but seemed like a pretty good life.  If I move forward to today my life is nothing close to what I wanted it to be. Some bits achieved and missing a whole lot more.

I have through the years have had my fair share of set backs, failures to the most unexpected situations, falling a prey to a factor called luck, my fair share of heart breaks and more major losses in my life too.  From the 27 years I have orbited the sun my life has been quite a bouncy castle or must I say a work of art.

Every moment you live, every action you take,  every clouded judgement, every stroke on anxiety, every past action that imprints your future, every rain that has drained your path, every crack in your perfect glass. Each layer of moments you have in your life adds over to the lace making the most ethereal gown for you. One that is just truly yours and it highlights your best features while you try to hide the flaws.  There are no best and worst dressed on this list. It is the purest form of art.

There is no right or wrong way to paint this art,  but a process where you will never stop painting.  Strive for your perfect piece – envision it, pick the colors you want your life to look like and the patterns you wish to see and set out to create it knowing that perfection isn’t the way it will look but rather the way creating your art feels.

So with this a old chapter of my life ends, while I start looking towards the next one. All i can do is be in it for the right reasons when I find it be true to myself and paint it in the best colors life has to offer me. I paint it with no colors of regret from the lower layers and learn from the mistakes of the past.

To all those who stuck around till the end. Cheers to life and its new adventures!!!
Please leave your thoughts in the comments. ❤ ❤



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