I am coming home….

I am coming home
Or I think I am
With a splitting thought
When I walked away 
To find a place where I could stay…

But I chased and opened the wrong doors
Screaming through the windows 
I said I am coming home
Was it a myth or a figment of my imagination
When this new home was always a misconception

And then I chased again through new doors 
Until I reached a wall 
With just a window
One to look at the world pass through
Colors I thought I could paint with
But with each trial I could see me spill…

I say I am at peace
Cause my world is still
But happiness is where you stop your story
Life as we know it is unsurmountable
Giving up on a door might just give you a ladder
Someday then I can truly say 
I am coming home..I am home!!!!


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