He who must not be named!!!

Who robbed you of your smile Who robbed you of the flutter in your heart And of the butterflies…. Of the magic called life With false hope With dreams With a future that was never there to give With a love for a lifetime To burn every piece of existence to ashes Blown away by the widest storm… A person who took your warmth Threw … Continue reading He who must not be named!!!

Fly away….

My heart skips a beat A laugh with you brings joy to my heart A word from you was a beacon of hope From thought to longing to hear from you And now to a missed beat Filled with mere pain and anxiety…… Day becomes Night Night becomes Day While a million thoughts rush through my mind Have you forgotten us… May be you have … Continue reading Fly away….

Power from Flexibility…

Recently I wrote an article on change and how that is the one truly constant part of life. This got me to thinking about Flexibility . What is rigidity? Your inability to change or accept change What is flexibility? Your quality of bending easily without breaking. Whether it is in thought or habit. “If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on … Continue reading Power from Flexibility…

Constant Change and solving it..

The pendulum of our life is constantly moving from a point of good and bad. Some changes are adoptable, while some throw us completely of balance. The most important thing we can adjust to is merely our attitude towards it. However, life doesn’t have to be so hard. There’s an art to learning to let things go and leaving the worries of the past to … Continue reading Constant Change and solving it..